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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So, women are blaming BlackBerrys and iPhones for their poor sex lives. . .


and I'm blaming them and most other communication technologies for poor human relationships in general!

Emoticons will never makeup for that which we get from nonverbal, face-to-face communication.
I hate the fact that I must bite the bullet and maintain a Facebook account in order to connect with others. I hate the fact that I have become like everyone else. . . so addicted to reading status messages, so addicted to comparing everyone's accomplishments to my own, so deceived into thinking that I am so much more intimately connected to all of the 444 people on my "friends list" than I really am.

If the Christians are right and there really is a devil who cunningly claims to be a fan of man but is really anti-man, it is the people behind Facebook and other communication technologies. They were crafty enough to take the most vulnerable human need and market it to look like the real thing -- but it isn't real intimacy, it is faux intimacy, and everyone is buying into it and wondering why they feel so unfulfilled at the end of the day.

That is true, evil genius.

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  1. I think the interface will get more natural, more complimentary to our natural interactions, less staring at a box for 8 hours every day.

    Why bite the bullet? You don't have to have one. I am actually close to deleting my facebook account.