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Friday, April 16, 2010

So, they've found more physical evidence of what makes us human


So, two things came to mind when I read this article. . .

First, I immediately thought of Symbolic Interactionism and how cool it is that we now have physical evidence of one of its major components. If only Mead, Cooley, Goffman, and Blumer were alive today to see this. . . :)

Secondly, I thought about Asperger's Syndrome. Instead of wasting time finding a way to block these precious neurons (because I honestly can't think of a circumstance where we'd want a person to have less of these. . .unless you're one of those transhumanist activists who wants to see Huxley's work become a reality), I think it would behoove researchers to see if there are diminished and/or non-existent levels of these neurons in persons with AS and other empathy-lacking conditions, and if so, how we can increase the amount in their brains.

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