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Sunday, April 11, 2010

What does Pentecostalism and ancient Mayan religion have in common?


They both emphasize the importance of sacrifice. Human sacrifice.

The ancient Mayans believed that their gods were nourished by human blood and that human sacrifice ensured fertility, demonstrated piety, and of course just generally appeased the gods.

According to a local photographer commenting on the effects of discrimination and racism via those of European descent (which has been ongoing for centuries and centuries, ever since the Spanish first touched foot on Latin American soil in the 15th Century), the modern day Guatemalteco of Mayan descent "will try to forget that part of their past . . . . They will ignore their family history, not even admit it if questioned".

Is it no wonder then that the Pentecostal "Mega Frater" church, with its emphasis on the importance of sacrificing one's precious belongings (especially precious in an impoverished country where these belongings are not taken for granted), like the household pet and one's vehicle, in order to appease god and to be an "equal" with the white man, has so effortlessly settled into Guatemala? Pretty clever, eh?

This is not only another example of how religion is deleterious on a sociological scale, but specifically, how the non-Indian man's religion has cut off Latin Americans at their roots by artfully utilizing the old Latino adage "it is god's will" to its advantage to help facilitate an amiable take over of these precious people.

As one woman was reported saying, "the bigger the sacrifice that you make for the church, the more God recognizes it" . . . I don't think there's a bigger sacrifice than disregarding one's own roots.

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